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Drag Attack


Drag Attack
DRAG ATTACK - party and art project

Drag Attack started as weekly parties in Helsinki in 2010. The parties continued in Madrid and Valencia. The idea is simple: Guest DJs and hosts have to dress up in drag. No previous experience in drag is necessary, Tatu helps with the look. Drag can be anything; drag queen, drag king, drag freak... even to the point where you might wonder is this even a human being or what?

Tatu painted 62 Drag Attack portraits of the DJs and hosts from Madrid.

Last party was at Hercules, Helsinki in August 2020. Would you like a Drag Attack party in your city?

Pictured: DJ Tauen
size 110 x 90 cm
Acrylic on paper

Thanks to Finnish Cultural Foundation for the support

More info on the Drag Attack website