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April 10, 2006
Shut the fuck up you stupid fucking cunt
by Stav-B

Two See 17 Monmouth Street.
Covent Garden. London WC2
1/05/06 8:30PM

The shop is closed. But not quite. The
door is shut, but the lights are on.
Curtains drawn, covering the window,
what is going on? Sounds, maybe
familiar, are spilling across the street.
A public spectacle. Elegant figure, doll
in a box, sitting, standing, speaking
silently, breaking, herself and stuff,
another cathartic exercise… for your
amusement and confusion. Shut the
fuck up… is the first part of a triptych
set of performances, conceived and
materialised by stav B. Identity,
obsession and theatre are all featured
themes with a good sense of humour
and the protagonist is love, it’s always
about love and loss and passion,
destruction and love again… the game is on…

Two see