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April 7, 2006
Once upon a time there was…
by Stav-B

Jamm. 261 Brixton Road. SW9
17/04/06 11:00pm

The heroine has turned her back to the curious audience. Puzzling. The music is blurring, suggestive, angry. Grace us with your presence, dear! Endless words begin to narrate furiously, passionately, sarcastically. Hands in the air, pointing and gesticulating, she’s smirking, moving, standing, falling, her eyes fixated, nowhere, everywhere. More music, song reaches its crescendo, silver and gold flakes everywhere! And now she shares her words and dances her peculiar dance with all of you, some of you, the game is almost complete. Once upon a time there was is the second part of a triptych of performances conceived and executed by stav B. The heart is bruised but never ceases to hope, otherwise it would break. I love her, always and forever.

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