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June 10, 2006
by Jamie E17

This summer the Jeu de Paume in Paris is hosting a major retrospective of Cindy Sherman’s work from 1975 to 2005. For the past thirty years or so, Cindy Sherman has herself been pretty much the sole model for her elaborately staged images. In each series, she has used costumes, make-up, props and even prostheses to turn herself into the personas that she photographs in the studio.

Funny and sometimes brutal, the figures in these pictures explore cultural and social stereotypes and their representation in the media, from magazine centrefolds to advertisements, films and classical painting. They are an analysis of individual identity, both the fantasies that it generates and the forces that shape it.

Jeu de Paume
1 Place de la Concode,
75008 Paris

Jeu de Paume