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June 24, 2006
The-o Entertainment

YM: What is the "The-o Entertainment
T: The-O's Entertainment Spectacular is my protest. I'm not sure what I'm protesting against yet but Im definitely angry about it.

YM: You love Diva's, why?
T: Im more of a fan of those women who strive to be divas with little of no talent. Jane McDonald is the perfect example of this.

YM: How do you respond when people call you the next Patrick Wolf?
T: I am flattered of course, however I believe what I am doing is far more radical than someone like Patrick wolf.

YM: (laughs) indeed you are! Whats planned for The-o E'S?
T: The-O's Entertainment Spectacular has go allot of gigs coming up during the summer, then who knows? Butlins? Or Pontins?

Photo (C) Ellis Scott

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