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July 10, 2006
by Jamie E17

Meet Giada D performance artist, filmmaker and muse. She is Director of two companies Little Wonder Productions, where she writes, produces and directs independent films and music videos. The other, Kitsch Palace, where she produces, records and performs live multimedia cabaret-electro shows by her alto ego and ringleader of the kitsch palace collective Gigi Von G.

Kitsch Palace is a collaboration of artists working and creating projects under their own alter ego names or guises, freed from any expectation or restraint, making music, film, fashion and art all housed under one roof, presenting a particular aesthetic and ever changing troupe.

Next month Kitsch Palace presents a ‘pARTy’ performance and video shoot at the Kingpin Club.

Pictured: Gigi by Martine Charalambou

Kitsch Palace