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July 20, 2006
by Jamie E17

Seattle born, self-taught artist Oliver Hibert first started exhibiting his work at just sweet 16. His colourful, psychedelic images are expressions of his love of futurism, and influences from the 60’s, psychedelia, cartoons, mystery and just complete nonsense.

At 18 Oliver had paintings featured in a MTV video and just two years later, he exhibited work at the Phoenix Art Museum and the Tucson Museum of Contemporary Art.

At present, living in a 50,00ft sandcastle in the Arizonian desert, Oliver is producing his own kooky music. He has just produced a 16-track album ‘The Sooper Looper Sound Juicer’ an experiment created to soundtrack a series of paintings.

Currently Oliver has two painting exhibitions running at the Monorchid Gallery in Phoenix and Haus in Scottsdale Arizona.

Oliver Hibert...cartoon colour