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July 25, 2006
by Jamie E17

As a 3’10” Mexican ex-gang member come entertainer, Selene Luna, is one little lady with one big personality. Selene began her career performing among Hollywood’s eccentric and diverse artist community. She made her name performing in nightclubs and cabarets, doing burlesque performances, stand up comedy and acting in independent films.

Selene has also featured in mainstream film, TV and editorial. Appearing in music videos for artists such as Madonna, Marilyn Manson and The Smashing Pumpkins. She has modeled designs by Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent; and posed for iconic photographer David La Chappelle. Also Selene featured in a stage production under the direction of fashion designer Thierry Mugler.

Miss Luna is currently performing in the world famous burlesque troupe Velvet Hammer

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