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August 9, 2006
by Jamie E17

The fabulously deranged artist Gregory Jacobsen was born in New Jersey, NY. I see his pictures as beautiful and grotesquely erotic. Gregory says his work is about his abject obsessions, which are mostly sexual.

After being rejected from almost every art school he applied to, Gregory made a poor decision of moving to the Midwest to attend the Art Institute of Chicago. Gregory, much to his irritation, still resides in Chicago, where members of the populace have enormous sticks lodged in their asses.

Not just a painter, Gregory wastes a hell of a lot of time in a widely ignored performance orientated band named "Lovely Little Girls".

Gregory has also worked on collaborations with artists such as filmmaker Usama Alshaibi, and photographers Joe Tannis and Suzy Poling.

The brilliant Gregory Jacobsen!