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September 26, 2006
by Jamie E17

Artist Peter Ibruegger has a current exhibition showing his bespoke erotic wallpaper and relief tiles at Designerblock, London

His drawings of self-sucking men that refer to the archaic eternity symbol of the snake biting its own tale (Uroboros).

The tiles and wallpaper are part of a long-term drawing project called ‘Neurotic Narcissism’ inspired by the Greek mythological figure Narcissus. Peter's first solo show ‘Neurotic Narcissism Mandala Drawings’, at the Pineal Eye in Soho, was closed down by police after complaints from members of the public.

The tiles and wallpaper on display will cover the wall and fireplace of an original Victorian living room.

Ends 25th September. In Tokyo from 31st October – 5th November.

Peter Ibruegger