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October 4, 2006
Post Porn Politics
by Kim Jakobsen To

Post Porn Politics is a both a celebration and discussion about sex - and the "other" porn.

The term post porn came from sexworker and performance artist Annie Sprinkle which established a new level of sexual representation: identifying with joy, independence and agency in sex-performance, she made us think of sex as a queer counter-pleasure outside the victimising framework of censorship and taboo.

From the 14-15th of October at the Volksb├╝hne in Berlin, you can explore this trough lectures, film and performance. There is even a end party with Rhythm King & Her Friends and a audience involving performance by Shu Lea Cheang with music by yours truly.

Other names are infamous Bruce LaBruce, girlswholikeporno, Virginie Despentes and Akira The Hustler.

Why not fuck different?

Post Porn Politics