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October 8, 2006
by Jamie E17

Kepa Rasmussen is the special effects whizz and props/set designer for the Evil Eye and film director Massimo Conoli.

Self-taught master of the dark art of Paper Mache, he has an unearthly gist for divining the texture and grit of different grades of pulped-wood material, and how they will react with different forms of solvent to make the most pleasing garment to adorn the face.

Each mask is one of a kind. Inspirations come from wide and varied sources, from found objects to the Simpsons, from the music of electronic group Yello to the films of Mr. Kubrick.

Kepa is one of the longest standing residents at Glasgow’s acclaimed art space “The Chateau”, made famous by Franz Ferdinand, and currently reaching a broader audience through the recent opening of the “Che Camille” gallery.

Aardvark k mask