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October 24, 2006
Achtung FSK 18
by Kim Jakobsen To

Acthung FSK 18 is a exhibition brougth to you by Galerie Tristesse deluxe in collaboration with Berlin's 1.st porn film festival.

Photographic work, music and installations from eleven artists explore sexuality in relation to porn.

Isabelle McEwen's video installation "Frenzy" (pictured) stands out with its cast of caracters far from the appealing porn actors. The fascination here is her focusing on the men, who are 'normal' and in this context somewhat ugly. It shows real desire, but has no intetion to turn on. McEwen is more intrested in the faces, and their expression of lust.

The exhibition features others artists such as Bruce LaBruce, Nan Golding, Anja Weber, Richard Kern, Christina Wons and Andreas Fux.

Berlin, Wednesday - Sunday 12am-8pm, untill 31 October.

Galerie Tristesse