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December 12, 2006
by Jamie E17

If you didn’t already know (I forgot to mention it!), Banksy’s annual Xmas/clumsily themed gallery, amusement arcade and shop is now open on Oxford Street, next to Tottenham Court Road Tube.

This year boasts the most spectacular yet showcasing a wide range of controversial art from 20+ underground ‘street’ artists including a painting of Michael Jackson offering Hansel and Gretel a candy cane, a mock-up photo of Tony Blair taking pictures on his mobile of an explosion in a Middle Eastern dessert and Mona Lisa with her arse out!.

Plus all the usual original paintings, numbered prints, sculptures, film, bric-a-brac, bins and hubcaps. Get there quick stuff is already selling out!

Santa’s Ghetto
15 Oxford Street
London W1.

Open daily...shut Xmas Eve (forever).