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December 12, 2006
by Jamie E17

This weekend is the opening of Media Burn the second in a new series of 5 exhibitions in the Level 2 Gallery at Tate Modern, a dedicated showcase for the latest ideas, themes and trends in international contemporary art.

Media Burn explores the boundaries between art, politics, protest and the media. It combines contemporary works with those from the 1970s and 1980s, all sharing a DIY, collage aesthetic that involves manipulating the images and techniques of the mass media.

Featured artists include K8 Hardy, Martha Rosler, Peter Kennard, Sharon Hayes, Jens Ullrich, Wynne Greenwood, Valérie Mréjen, Josesphine Meckseper and Ant Farm.

Starts 16TH Dec - 18TH Feb 2007

Pictured: Photo Op by Martha Rosler © artist and Galerie Christian Nagel.

Tate Modern