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February 22, 2007
by Jamie E17

From tomorrow, Vegas Gallery is showing the grotesque but humourous work of James Unsworth including original drawings as well as screenprints on a range of materials that have allusions to historic craft technique or have an inherent sense of faded glamour.

James’s work presents a vulgar and precisely detailed picture of a dark world all of us have visited. Many of his works are centred on a sexually obsessive honesty that captivates the viewer in its brazen delivery. He combines historical images of folk culture and contemporary references such as the tabloid press and his own experiences. The illustrations show a world of deviance, greed and what is perceived as sin.

Friday 23rd Feb – 18th March @ Vegas Gallery
64-66 Redchurch St.
London E2
Open: Thurs – Sun, 12pm-6pm

Vegas Gallery