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March 10, 2007
Nouveau Ghetto...Turf War!
by Jamie E17

Nouveau Ghetto Turf War is an exhibition by Alex Noble. Warrior women from a time not in the past or in the future. Sirens, goddesses, queens and slaves, the scorned and the adored.

His influences come from Art Nouveau posters to New York B-Girls, Greek mythology to new technology, voodoo to tattoo, to create a collection of mixed media pieces. Collage is juxtaposed against painting, pencil and tapestry. The works have an unfinished feeling because of his heavy used of masking tape and pockets of detail. Also the material he uses for his canvas such as wood mirrors and more.

The exhibition features two instillations showing 3D representations of the warriors and the works inside become like their trophies and portraits.

The Old Shoreditch Station
1 Kingsland Rd E2


Alex Noble's MySpace