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April 17, 2007
Got myself a crying, talking...
by Mo

The Muppets, Chucky, Barbie and He-Man…they have one thing in common; they are all dolls, or puppets. Art space “Roodkapje” in Rotterdam, Holland, shows a whole valley of them in a new art show titled: “Poppet”. (from April 19, 2007)
A genuine cat customized into a handbag, designer toys, a comment on the booming plastic surgery business and a fucked up fairytale of a bride and groom, ending with murder.
During the opening there will be a performance by HipSick (NL) and a workshop “Do it Yourself “by Zosen (ES)
If you have a thing for toys and dolls, or maybe if you are a toy or a doll, this art show could be just the ride you need.

(Image by Zosen)

Poppet at Roodkapje.