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November 12, 2004
the room you may have missed
by Antonia Leslie

If you become a friend of the Louvre you have the chance to use your own private entrance, just see one painting at a time and discover a hidden room.The less frequented wing,the Sully,has one of these galleries.It is so quiet and you can sit in front of La comtesse del Carpio, one of Goya's most beautiful paintings.She may disturb you whilst you are looking by gazing right back.She is painted in a typical Spanish palette, very monochrome with only the folly of the bow in her hair being intense baby pink.Just when you are convinced she is alive, you read that she died just after Goya painted her, at the age of 38.
Toursts may come by, but they are "doing the Louvre" and rush on exhausted. Anyway you can ignore them by hiding in one of the two window alcoves and watching the world go by

the Louvre