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July 6, 2007
Brian Kenny & Slava Mogutin - SUPERM
by Lee Adams

Blow de la Barra Gallery presents BUT HER MAJESTY'S ROASTBEEF CURTAINS WOULDN'T OPEN FOR HIM, the first London exhibition by New York based art team SUPERM: Brian Kenny & Slava Mogutin. The controversial show features a series of bondage sportswear chair sculptures + large drawings & collages overlaid on vintage US police shooting targets. Sadly Mogutin will not be able to attend the exhibition, as on arrival at Luton Airport he was detained, seperated from Kenny & forced to spend the night in a holding cell behind a two way mirror, photographed, fingerprinted interrogated & finally departed back to Berlin.

SUPERM is a response to a world of shameless war propoganda, censorship and state induced paranoia where non Westerners are treated as 2nd class citizens & artists as criminals

Blow de la Barra