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November 15, 2004
Fist Fuck Deluxe @ Illustrated Ape Party
by Tatu Vuolteenaho

Illustrated Ape magazine had a party for the launch of their Japan Cult issue at Corsica studios. The venue in Elephant & Castle was decorated with illustrations and video projections and the place was bursting. Fist Fuck Deluxe performed with screening of Japanese porno TV show and their lyrics went for example like “fuck the fucking fucker…” with a catchy beat, of course.

The magazine in itself is a real treat and everyone was given a copy. This issue has illustrations and writings from Ruta Antiutopia, Jason Atomic, Paul Davis, Ayako Ishiguro, Yuka Katagiri and many more. There are articles about Japanese illustrators, street artists, gothic lolitas and music. The Illustrated Ape’s website is worth the visit too!