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September 29, 2007
by Jamie E17

The Future Can Wait is the biggest ever museum-scale privately curated exhibition for breaking artists held in the Old Truman Brewery's Atlantis Gallery, in what promises to be a seminal show in the future of art history. Curators Ellis & Rumley have selected the best of what they describe as The New London School - artists whose work deals with the human condition in painting, video and instillation, underpinned by an emphasis on technical expertise. Featuring the art stars of the moment, It also will offer a contrast to the more limited viewing context of the art fair booth system by showing a wealth of work as it was originally intended.

Wednesday 10th - 14th Oct @ Atlantis Gallery, 146 Bricklane London E1. Open 11am - 10pm.

Cock Ticket, 2006 by James Unsworth.

The Future Can Wait