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January 12, 2008
by Kim Jakobsen To

Fuckart is a group show/event night celebrating "degenerate" art. Black Peter, Satine de la wow, James, Faye, Billa and Marko Brozic (who also works with Slava Mogutin) are exhibiting drawings, painting and photographs. It's all work about sex, or fucking, as they say themselves. If it's sex, fucking, provoking, good or bad remains to see, but it will defiantly be an event. Black Peter Group are also performaing live and Jonty Skrufff (skrufff.com) is DJ'ing.

Sunday 13th January
Catch (upstairs)
Kingsland Road 22
9pm - 1am
Free Entry

FUCKART on Mysapce