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May 9, 2008
13 Virgins and 1 Minnie Mouse
by Kim Jakobsen To

The Institute of Psychoplasmics is an exhibition about cultic and social groupings and how they challenge the integrity if the social body by producing another within. It will investigate cults, brainwashing, war games, rituals and other explorations of the body politic as a metaphor for the social body.

As a part of the exhibition, a black magic cult sacrifice performance with a live doom/prog score, Angie Reed and Tain Shani took place tonight in Shoreditch Town Hall. It was a humouros take on Anton LaVey and 70ties satanistic rituals where Minnie Mouse ressurected 13 virgins, and living sex dolls praised Satan. Though not completely polished, the performance was amusingly playing with the use of symbols & rituals in society.

On until 26th May at the PumpHouse
Pic by K-Y-M

Pump House Gallery