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July 14, 2008
In the Name of the Flesh
by Ernesto Sarezale

Etcetera Theatre, 265 Camden High Street, NW1 10.30pm, 3rd and 4th of August

Ernesto Sarezale presents his own brand of ‘erotic magic realism’ in a captivating cabaret of words, video and burlesque.

With oblique humour and surreal eroticism, Ernesto dissects the troubles and joys of the ‘queer body’ in the 21st century.

We are introduced to a unique world populated by talking penises, detached navels, invisible lesbians, sentimental porn stars, Eurovision anoraks, self-felating dwarves, women without willies…

“A refreshingly surreal and slightly unsettling addition to the live performance scene..."

In the name of the flesh