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September 9, 2008
The thing he loves: by exterface
by Kenny Campbell

The thing he loves is the title of a new book out now by the duo Exterface.
Exterface are two young French artists, Julien and Stephane, who have united to create their own company. They produce poetic pictures, loaded with sexual energy, often homoerotic, of masculinity and the male form, its desires and meanings.
Psychologically charged, Exterface push their models to show a hidden side. They attempt to manipulate the male, exposing him, stripping him until he is lost between coloured light and darkness. The man isn't a man anymore; he becomes an indecent, urban, disguised, videogenic creature.
More than photographers, Julien and Stephane are directors, painters and scenario writers. They play with artistic currents to prove that human nature hasn't revealed all its secrets just yet

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