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April 24, 2009
by Temposhark

'Body Piano Machine' is the stunning new album by MaJiKer.

All the sounds you hear on the record come from the BODY (via the magic of body percussion, human beatbox & the singing voice), the PIANO, or the MACHINE - a specific machine - a cute little Yamaha keyboard (to be precise, it's a PSS 270 from 1986) whose instrument presets are wildly inventive and frequently absurd.

You might already know MaJiKer thanks to his longterm collaborations with French singer/songwriter Camille - who also features on this album. MaJiKer produced both 'Le Fil' and 'Music Hole' albums with Camille which gained worldwide recognition and have seen the duo tour the globe.

Inspiring and uplifting, Majiker's 'Body Piano Machine' is released on Monday 27th April 2009 on Gaymonkey Records.

Listen to MaJiKer at MySpace