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October 23, 2009
KOSHER FACE 12.11.09
by Kenny Campbell

Photographer Frederic Aranda presents an arresting collection of work
focusing on the distinctive Chabad-Lubavitch rabbis and their families.
On November 12 2009, theprintspace gallery will launch Kosher Face- Lubavitch Jews in the World, lasting three weeks. Over the space of two floors, viewers will be invited to discover a unique vision of the Lubavitch, interpreted in the contexts of portraiture, art and fashion. Lubavitcher rabbis are presented in public and personal spaces, dressed-up and dressed-down, coated in emulsion paint and laid bare.
The result is an updated, thoroughly modern and colourful take on what is largely perceived as an outdated and closed world.

Photo: From the series Rabbi Graffiti

74 Kingsland Road

London E2 8DL

Frederic Aranda