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November 15, 2010
The Facebook Project: private view 24.11
by Kenny Campbell

The Facebook Projec by Morgan O'Donovan showing 120 life size portraits. Plus a projector showing the other 371.

"A Taxonomy of Pleasure." by David Grandorge (2010)
This extensive photographic survey of faces seen in London clubs gives a window into a world inhabited by the chosen few or the few that have chosen to shine. Shot over twelve nights in late 2009, the survey addresses
taxonomical, typological and quasi-religious themes.

Music by Princess Julia, Jim Warboy, Ian Robinson, Josh Quinton & Erol Sabadosh.Free Beer and Tequila thanks to Tiger & Patrone.

Dalston Superstore 18h.30
117 Kingsland High Street, London. E8.

Morgan O'Donovan