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May 11, 2011
DIY: Pop-up galleries
by Ivonne Replica

What resources do you need to open a contemporary art gallery in London? Inexhaustible reserves of energy, a network of friends willing to help out on a voluntary basis, and a healthy dose of chutzpah probably helps. Surprisingly, though, you don't need much money -it's mainly down to hard work and the availability of a suitable space. Which can even be the domestic walls! Aspiring art dealer Fay Sebel started turning her house into an occasional art gallery in February, initially as a gesture of encouragement before her painter friend Ting-An Ling's Final Year show at Saint Martin's. Since then "La Maison de Fay" has hosted exhibitions by emerging artists Caroline LS Chang and Nelson Santos. Upcoming shows include works by Carole Soulas, Migle Backovaite & William Nash. Stay tuned!

La Maison de Fay