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July 28, 2011
Hackney WickED Art Festival FRAGILE
by Kenny Campbell

FRAGILE is an exclusive event at the Peanut Factory & the Secret Market that will bring together artists of different national and conceptual backgrounds to raise an awareness of humanity and fragile human existence.

Artists featured in the FRAGILE show are:Migle Backovaite, Evangelia Christakou, Rubén Salgado Escudero, Klaudijus Kairys, Baron Kim, Anna Laurini, Willie Nash, Red Pig Flower, Nelson Santos, Carole Soulas, Jonathan Trayner & Yvonne Riepl and Erato Tzavara & Ioanna Manoussaki.

location maps: Peanut Factory. Secret Market

Gallery opening times:
Friday 29 July, 6pm - midnight
Saturday, 30 July, 12pm - midnight
Sunday 31 July, 12pm - midnight

Hackney WickED