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September 1, 2011
The Museum of Everything
by Ivonne Replica

Art is but a word, creation is language. Art is one thing. Creation is everything. The Museum of Everything is a space for artists and creators outside modern society. It is Britain's first public space dedicated to work by the unintentional, untrained and unexhibited creators of the modern world. Since opening in 2009 it has become one of Europe's most successful independent museums, with over 200000 visitors in 18 months. Exhibition #4 sees it move out of its Primrose Hill home and for this project only move into Selfridges. Experience the vast flying cities of Hans-Jorg Georgi, the voluptous female conspirators of Giovanni Galli and the oven-baked cameras of ceramicist Alan Constable over 15000 sq feet at the Central London department store. Opens on 2 September until 25 October 2011.

Museum of Everything