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September 27, 2012
Trojan, Works on Paper 09.10.12
by Kenny Campbell

Trojan’s immersion in the late-80s club scene in London was total. He frequented White Trash, Asylum, The Pink Panther and the infamous Taboo nightclub in Leicester Square run by onetime lover and close friend Leigh Bowery. later immortalised as one of Lucien Freud’s life-models. Trojan would become a central figure in a core group of creative individuals who dominated the late-80s club scene, including fashion designer Rachel Auburn, dancer Michael Clark, and experimental filmmaker John Maybury, with whom he had a relationship. Sending a shockwave through the London underground scene, Trojan died of a drug overdose in 1986 at the age of 21.
Alongside selected works on paper, the exhibition includes previously unseen photo albums loaned by John Maybury and Sue Tilley.