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May 11, 2013
Image Duplicator 16-31.05.13
by Kenny Campbell

Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein currently has a showon at the Tate Modern. While the public isintimately familiar with his work, what they maybe unaware of is that many of his images weredirectly “appropriated” from comic artists like IrvNovick, Russ Heath, Jack Kirby, John Romita andJoe Kubert, who received no fee or credit.
Is this an act of brilliant recontexturalisation? Theelevation of commercial “low” art to “high” art? Arworld snobbery? Artistic licence? Galleryshortsightedness? Cultural annexation? Orsomething else entirely?
This show brings together real comic-book artistsand other “commercial artists” – illustrators,designers, cartoonists – to ask these kinds ofquestions and share their views, via their work.
Orbital Comics Gallery 8 Great Newport Street
London WC2H 7JA

Orbital Comics