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June 24, 2013
by Gemma Winter

'Yes, surprising is existence in the post vegetal cosmorama,' is a collection of new and recent work. From "Ha!ah!" (2013) a deconstructed tale of dentistry placed above a boat upon a surf of water bottles, to a Peugeot 306 which is home to ''A Is to D What E is to H"(2011-13) a video piece, housed in the car windscreen, in addition the pieces sit alongside smaller sculptural installations of found objects in the gallery.

Audio visual walking tour "Cardiovascular Venacular (as in ‘it’s time for my regular cardiovascular vernacular’)" features the artists trademark sharp and surreal commentary; the early part of which, due to the juxtaposition of Phillipson’s voice and the synth of "Small Town Boy" for me evoked the work of musician Anne Clark.

Runs until 22nd Septemeber