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July 17, 2014
by Kim Jakobsen To

Coming from the San Fran drag scene, performance artist Boychild plays with beauty notions. Warming up for Mykki Blanco at Way Out West in Gothenburg to a crowd for which many she was unknown. My friend was one of them, and Boychild's performance made her cry. Reminding me visually of Sopor Aeternus, but with a much more healthy and young physique, Boychild presented herself painted in grotesque white. To a morphed, syrup style version of "Say My Name", she made us think of beauty image and the desperation for women in society to be acknowledged through beauty ideals. Boychild breaks out of this completely, and becomes a scary, vulnerable androgynous character asking for love. From being a strong swan one moment to ghoul the next, she was shining strangely sexy at Hotel Post on Thursday.