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March 27, 2005
Frivolous cuts the edge
by Tatu Vuolteenaho

Frivolous, aka Daniel Gardener from Montreal played an excellent live gig at the Run club held on a boat (Battersea Barge). He started with minimal dub and went through variations of groovy rhythms, crackles, knob twists and sound experimentations. It was like watching a mad scientist/kid playing with his laboratory toys and listening to an avant-garde concert piece – and - while dancing. Maybe that’s the concert music for the post rave generation. They dance and listen instead of sit and listen.

Frivolous poured sparkling water into a glass that had a knife in it attached to a microphone = bubbly crackle sounds which got into computer as well. And then he played with those “soda glitch” sounds. He also destroyed a plastic bottle with a knife and sang on a telephone – while dancing!

Frivolous at Background Records