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March 27, 2005
Run 16.04.2005 - Pheek
by Tatu Vuolteenaho

When we entered Run club last night our over stressed shoulders went back down into a normal relaxed position. Phew. The rhythmic grooves played by Djs and live acts were just what we needed. And then you start listening to the fascinating fine details of the music and soon you realize you are dancing. So Run works for both the head scratchers and ass shakers. The music is intellectually stimulating and physically connecting futuristic ?

Next Run has:
Pheek live - Montreal
(M-nus/Telegraph/Epsilon Lab/Archipel) (http://www.pheek.com)
Mark Henning (Freude am Tanzen Recs/Clever music)
Chris Box (run/motronic/hush)
Matt Sever (run/Phuturesound)

Secret Location for more info: