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April 14, 2005
JT LeRoy reading/afterparty 11/4/2005
by Ruta sick thing Antiutopia

Young cult ex?rentboi/girl ex?junkie writer JT LeRoy treated London with an emotional book reading at Foyles to launch the Asia Argento film after his novel The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things. JT being a fashionable celeb pet (of Madonna etc) it was a half-secret VIP event with an eclectic gang of readers - from Princess Julia to Marianne Faithfull. JT looked petrified and fragile in his full regalia of big shades, a hat and a blonde wig, and in the voice of a girl he did a fabulous jittery nervous reading of his new novel Harold’s End.
I missed the movie screening at NFT,but did catch the VIP afterparty at Sketch, swarmed by paparazzi,glammed up by KashPoint kids,trashed down by Tracey Emin. I remember drunkenly hassling poor JT in the pink egg-shaped toilet cubicles. I apologise...

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