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May 6, 2005
Hope and Glory 14.6.-16.7. in Belgrade
by Predrag Pajdic

Gallery Chaos presents 'Hope And Glory' by London photographic and video artist Rachel Wilberforce (www.rachelwilberforce.com). It is an exhibition about the proximity of one’s desire and hope against the backdrop of contemporary concern exploring issues of identity, ethics, frustration, fear and vanity. Rachel Wilberforce’s agile images, both bizarre and gorgeous, deliberately playful, highly polished, wildly colourful, on one level escapist even, contain some degree of fantasy but are never sweet or innocent. Challenging and engaging, the effervescent physicality of Wilberforce's work is the key to its conspicuous power. By presenting images that question what's OK and what's not she breaks Pandora's box wide open.

Chaos Gallery, 12 Cara Lazara Street, 11000 Belgrade, Ser