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May 21, 2005
by Predrag Pajdic

Exit Art, New York
21/05 - 30/07/2005

Homomuseum is a group exhibition which investigates gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender icons and histories that have made their mark on the political, social, economic and cultural landscape. Homosexual politicians, inventors, athletes, scientists, artists and events have shaped our global culture, this exhibitions celebrates these icons and moments in history.

Artists: Christopher Arabadjis, Alvin Baltrop, Ak Burnes, James Bidgood, Christopher Clary, JP, Forrest, Leor Grady, Stephanie Gray, Michela Griffo, Geoffrey Hendricks, Sur Rodney, Derek Jackson, Aaron Krach, Marget Long, Gabriel Martinez, James Morrison, Rune Olsen, Predrag Pajdic, Rachel Wilberforce, Robert Ransick, Blake Godle, Matthew Ravenstahl, Milton Rosa-Ortiz, Shane Ruth...

Exit Art, New York