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October 8, 2005
Sadler's Strange Saga
by Ryan Styles

Next time Philippe Decoufle's 'Lyon Opera Ballet' comes to town i really recommend seeing it. Regarded as one of the most adventurous dance companies in the world. It really takes you on the most surreal trip of your life.
Tricodex is a vertical and horizontal trip through the magical, glittering maze of Decouflé’s imagination. Featuring 30 dancers and 150 costumes, Decouflé’s enchanted universe combines tableaux of breathtaking beauty with witty aerial ballets. A dancing bicyclist performs acrobatics 18 feet above the stage, while two ballerinas defy gravity in a bungee jumping duet. Aswell as costume's that are huge extensions on the present body form, similar to the work of Rebecca Horn.
A magical show well over an hour long.