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October 14, 2005
ACT ART 3 - Public Disordar Nov 11
by Tatu Vuolteenaho

ACT ART 3- Public Disordar is the 3rd instalment from the curators Oliver Frost & Marc Massive. Public Disordar is where the underground art world meets the alternative clubland scene & queer culture head on, a showcase for new art works by a range of artists from different cultural backgrounds, and genders united by an interest in the body. Sometimes shocking & disturbing the event features work by some of the most renowned queer artists that have previously shocked the art world, and will continue to do so with their new works on the night. Not for the faint hearted, those with a nervous disposition might want to stay at home!

7.30pm-4am £5 Admission
@ Central Station, Wharfdale Rd,
Kings Cross, London N1