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October 17, 2005
Jake and Dinos Chapman: 19.10 – 03.12
by Kenny Campbell

White Cube is prouder than ever to present Jake and Dinos Chapman’s Like a dog returns to its vomit – the complete corpus of revised etchings which may or may not contain puppy dogs, stray kittens, pretty flowers, fluffy clouds, face painters, sword swallowers, mime artists, magicians, enchanted forests, circus clowns, kites, flags, air balloons, Exquisite Corpse, butterflies, snowflakes, teddy bears, candyfloss, policemen, milk chocolate, rescue donkeys, bunny rabbits, honey bees, ladybirds, caterpillars, dragon flies, men in the moon, ballerinas, Gigantic Fun, flying fish. In short, Like a Dog returns to its vomit is an overdue autopsy waiting to belch into the arms of anyone with love in their eyes…

Jake and Dinos Chapman
Etchasketchathon2005 © Courtesy
Jay Jopling White Cube

White Cube