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October 24, 2005
GROUP SHOW: 29.10.05 - 07.01.06
by Kenny Campbell

Charles Anastase, Christian Aschman, Dino Dinco, Heinz-Peter Knes, Pascal Martinez and Walter Pfeiffer. Each from different generations and cultures, these artists nevertheless share a common approach to the male body, its eroticism and its representation.
Walter Pfeiffer whose work is pictured is an artist of Swiss origin and international acclaim. He started displaying and publishing phonographs in the early 70s, which challenged societal and sexual taboos. At the very inception of his career he displayed the masculine body in a revolutionary way, a way that was both sensual and scandalous. This will be the first time that his work will be seen in a gallery in Paris.

Galerie Baumet Sultana
20 rue saint claude
75003 Paris

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