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February 2, 2006
ACT ART 4- Artist Call
by Oliver Frost & Marc Massive

After the success of ACT ART 3 in November 05 which was visited by over 800 people, ACT ART 4- Memoirs of a Merkin takes place on 5th May 06 with a line-up of over 60 artists in one evening including Dick Jewels new film about Leigh Bowery, Yr Mum Ya Dad, Princess Julia, Ryan Styles, Stav B, Lee Adams (Kaos), Anat Ben-David (Chicks on Speed), Matt Fraser, Tim Redfern (QSF), Oliver Frost, Marc Massive & Many more.

Submissions are still being taken for the event from artists working in performance, live art, film, video, sculpture, painting & photography. So if you would like to participate email: actart@blueyonder.co.uk or visit the link below which also contains the pages on past ACT ART event artists and photos from ACT ART 3.