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March 4, 2006
by Gallermic (田中) Tanaka

Fashion + Consumerism + Globalisation = Art?
While watching the photo, perhaps the reader thinks that suddenly, the fashion bussiness converted into surrealistic and chimaeric, and to open branches in the Texan desert is the new epiphany of vanity de luxe... No way! It seems that it turns out too much excentric even for richs. But then, what is Prada doing in the middle of nowhere??? In fact, even counting on Miuccia herself-s aprovement and with the accesories for the currently winter colection, the store is where it-s meant to be and does what it-s meant to do: MOCKING.

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Image: cut from the photo taken by Lizette Kabré.
Production: Art Production Fund and Ballroom Marfa .

Prada Marfa @ TheFashionRamone