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March 6, 2006
Juergen Teller: Do you know what I mean
by Kenny Campbell

The Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain presents Juergen Tellers first major solo exhibition in France. Juergen has chosen to present a major new body of work, the Nürnbergseries. An investigation of Germany’s recent past as well as a celebration of the importance of family, the Nürnbergseries will serve as the guiding thread of a retrospective that will also include the major images from the artist’s career, as well as a new series of photographs realized in Japan. The exhibition will also provide a special focus on the artist’s work as it appears in publications, exploring the relationships created by the sequencing of images in printed form.

Juergen Teller Red Kate, London, 1998
C-type print Dimensions: 254 x 305
mm ©Juergen Teller Courtesy of
Lehmann Maupin and the artist

Fondation.Cartier Until May 21