in Cambridge, well never mind. Get off the train and walk straight ahead towards the town. One of the first things you will see is the Botanical Garden and what a treat to find the perfect place to continue your journey. You can go any time of the year as there is always something to see. When it is cold spend time in the greenhouses and admire plants from far off places. The garden is organised into realms such as the Fens which of course is wet, the rock garden which is Alpine and the body bed which is medicinal. One of the most beautiful reasons to go is the trees which are never cut and grow like natural cathedrals with domes of leaves reaching the ground. You can lie under them and dream. Now you will be hungry. Make your way to Mill Road and eat at the Sea Tree alternative fish bar. It is a wonderful place that makes eating simple but great with a menu that has everything, including mussels, sea bass and fish pie. Lucky locals can order from the wet fish counter or take away the box of fish and chips. Have your coffee opposite in the Italian delicatessen, Limoncello. You can sit in the window or at the 50's diner bar. The coffee is delicious and try to leave without buying anything....impossible. It is a food fest for anybody.

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Review & Photography Antonia Leslie
Cambridge University Botanic Garden
The Sea Tree