now is how I would describe Kettle's Yard, one of the wonders of Cambridge. It's side door, with the tyre bell pull belies or enhances, your choice, it's sophistication. There is nothing but beauty that awaits you on the other side, to such an extent that you ask yourself if you ever had any taste at all. It starts with small dimensions which slowly grow the further you walk through the house and is full of gems displayed in designed nonchalant ways. Pictures are hung at knee level to be admired when sitting and the Miro is not hung over the mantelpiece but near the entrance and so discovered with surprise. You see so many ideas for your home that you skip back to try to do them, and then you discover how difficult that is. Their simplicity is so clever, from the small rugs attached with stair rods over a few steps like 3D mats, to the oblong thin cushions that add a little comfort with style, and on to the sleek Brancusi sitting on the old wrinkly barrel. Jim and Helen Ede took over 4 cottages in 1958, transformed them into a haven of peace and opened it every afternoon so students could study. Their choice of artists was so clever that there isn't one that has been affected by time. Amongst them are Ben and Winifred Nicholson which have just come back after a trip to one of the best small galleries which was added to the property. It so enjoyable taking anyone for the first time as you feel through them the excitement of your first visit.

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Review & Photography Antonia Leslie
Kettle's Yard